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We specialize in industrial applications that require heavy-duty hoses such as rubber hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. We also have one of the widest selections of industrial hose fittings, hose accessories, tools, pumps, oilers, clamp, and more.

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Continental Hydraulics offers directional control valves with air pilot actuation, hydraulic pilot actuation and lever actuation. These valves conform to NFPA D03/D05 and ISO 4401 mounting standards. They are available in both 3 way and 4 way styles.

Check valve - Wikipedia

A diaphragm check valve uses a flexing rubber diaphragm positioned to create a normally-closed valve. Pressure on the upstream side must be greater than the pressure on the downstream side by a certain amount, known as the pressure differential, for the check valve to open allowing flow.

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The second check valve in figure 11 (#5) should be a standard, spring-loaded poppet-style check valve. This valve may be made of PVC or brass. Valve #1 in figure 11 is used to stop or allow flow to the pump and can be used to turn off water flow if the pump needs to be removed or serviced.

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Red Valve offers flanged and slip-on connections, single or multiple arches, and a range of elastomers to meet process conditions, including Teflon-lined joints for severely corrosive applications. The Redflex product line also includes rubber fittings, rubber elbows, vibration pipe, and rubber pipe to accommodate radius turns.

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The hydraulic stats for my tractor say: Pump flow-7.7 gpm Steering flow- 4.5 gpm Total flow- 12.2 gpm Do I size the valve for the pump flow or total flow? A: Typically the steering flow is diverted and runs only through the steering circuit, so if you size things according to the pump flow you may be okay.

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The valve block will be mounted to the machine's frame with a three point pattern to avoid distorting the valve block and jamming the valve's sensitive components. The spool position may be actuated by mechanical levers, hydraulic pilot pressure, or solenoids which push the spool left or right.

Check Valve: What is it? How Does It Work, Types Of

Check valves are found in vehicles that were made before the invention of the electronic injection system. Old car fuel pumps have a check valve located at the pump’s inlet and one at the outlet, They are designed to force the fuel to flow in the correct direction. When the check valve goes bad, the fuel pressure goes down.

Mityvac MV6840 Hydraulic Brake and Clutch

So I took the on/off valve apart and saw there was a rubber o-ring on one end of the valve so I lubed it with some 10w-30, put it back together and still leaked air in the off position. The unit worked fine as far as bleeding brakes, I have a craftsman 33 gal 150psi max air compressor and have 150psi going to the bleeder.

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